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Pearls | Blue & Green Freshwater Pearls | 15" String Emerald Green Keishi Reborn Pearls

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15" String Emerald Green Keishi Reborn Pearls
Ref: P2659

Keishi pearls are formed when the nucleus that normally forms the core of the pearl is ejected and the pearl forms without a nucleus. The resulting shape tends to be flattish. These pearls are often known by the somewhat unglamourous name of "cornflake pearls" - while the name seems a bit humdrum it does describe their shape rather well! This batch of pearls has been dyed a wonderful shade of emerald green and they have an excellent lustre. The pearls have been top drilled so they fall on both sides of the string - they can simply be restrung to create simple but stunning jewellery, or they can be mixed with other beads to make them go further (they look wonderful spaced out with small amethyst beads). The pearls measure around 7-9mm across and each string holds around 60 pearls.

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