Silver Moon Beads
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1.Silver Plated 3mm Crimp Covers Pk 50£1.80

2.Silver Plated 2mm Crimp Beads Pk 100£0.50

3.Gunmetal Plated 3mm Crimp Covers Pk 20£0.30

4.Silver Plated Frosted Crimp Covers Pk 20£0.50

5.Silver Plated 4mm Crimp Covers Pk 50£1.20

6.Silver Plated 5mm Crimp Covers Pk 50£1.20

7.Sterling Silver 3mm Crimp Covers Pk 10£3.50

8.Sterling Silver Calotte Necklace Ends or Knot Covers Pk 10£3.90

9.Sterling Silver 4mm Crimp Covers Pk 10£3.80

10.Rose Gold Colour 4mm Crimp Covers Pk 10£0.40

Results 1-10 of 10